How It Works

AmmoHawk is the best way to buy ammunition online, period.

Here's how our service works.

1) Review AmmoHawk's monthly product lineup and place your order.

2) Pay $12 handling/order to have your ammunition added to your secure locker at the AmmoHawk compound.

3) Access your locker contents and order a shipment - FREE OF CHARGE - anytime, day or night.

(Note: The My Locker link will only display on login.)


Sample locker screen:


4) Optionally sell unused ammo from your locker back to AmmoHawk at the quoted price.

We are a service designed by shooters, for shooters, in the name of bringing more freedom, flexibility and value to our sport.

If at anytime you have any questions you can contact us via the Contact form on this site, or directly via contact [at] ammohawk [dot] com.